• Carers Scheme Overview

    If you're already one of our growing band of child carers – Thank You. You do a great job!

    We set Rascals up after working in the childcare market for many years and seeing what was happening (good & bad).

    What we'll do for you is:-

    • Pay you on time
    • Send you a comprehensive Remittance Advice by post or email (your choice)
    • Give you your own dedicated email address for any help or queries you have
    • Give you the opportunity to advertise your services on our web site to grow your business.
    • Listen to you.
  • Testimonials

  • "Just as you promised this really was easy to set up it took only 20 minutes to invite all our interested employees.
    Thanks for your help in setting up this scheme!"

    Sue, IT Consultants

  • "I have to say it has been a pleasure dealing and talking to you. I wish all companies were as customer focussed as Rascals.
    I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues companies."

    Angela, Advertising Agency

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