• About Rascals

    Rascals is run by a dedicated team who have more than 30 years combined experience working within the childcare voucher industry. We realised that what employers wanted was to enable their employees to get the benefits of a childcare voucher scheme in the easiest way possible and that's why we've set up Rascals Childcare Vouchers.

    Our aims are to:-

    • Keep it simple

    And to...

    • Offer electronic vouchers in the most efficient way possible.
    • Have minimal impact on an employer's business.
    • Offer a completely Internet based service (with phone backup).
    • Make the whole thing as easy as possible.
    • Pay the child carers fast.
    • Have minimal impact on our environment by operating as efficiently and electronically as possible.


  • Testimonials

  • "Just as you promised this really was easy to set up it took only 20 minutes to invite all our interested employees.
    Thanks for your help in setting up this scheme!"

    Sue, IT Consultants

  • "Thanks if I knew it would of been this easy to set up would have done it ages ago!"

    Emma, Electronics Manufacturers

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